Little Creek is a Lakota Native American.  He is the owner of Rain. He was captured by the U.S. Army, where he meets Spirit, the main character in the film. He is voiced by Daniel Studi.


Little Creek is adventurous, daring, brave and loving. He is also kind and compassionate, as shown in his bond with Spirit and Rain.

Little creek 2


Little creek


He is very strong in hand to hand combat as he was able to fend off the Washington soldiers who captured him at the beginning of the film.

Little Creek is a handsome and muscular Native American young man presumed to be in his late teens or early twenties. He has long jet black hair which he ties in twintails with red ribbons. He also has caramel tan skin. He also has deep brown eyes. His attire is light tan pants and a tan breechcloth worn over his pants. He also wears moccasins of the same color.

He is an extremely compassionate man. He let Spirit and Rain go free even though he felt a strong connection to them. His character puts into perspective the kind of people that we destroyed and took land from.

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