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Name Rain
Gender Mare
Species Horse (Paint)
Titles Lead Mare
Appearances and Mentions Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
Voice Actor(s) None
Love Interest(s)/Mate(s) Spirit
Relations Mate of Spirit, "Daughter" of Sierra(mother) and Storm(father) granddaughter of Bonita

Rain is the deuteragonist in the film, and Spirit's mate. She belongs to Little Creek at first but is released by him at the end of the film.


Rain is a beautiful pinto mare, her coat is reddish brown with white socks and stockings.  Her eyes are blue and her mane and tail are cream. Her hooves are light brown. She also had an eagle
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feather in her mane until Little Creek removes it at the end of the movie.


Rain is fun-loving yet cautious, and a devoted mare to both Little Creek and Spirit.


In The FilmEdit

Rain was raised by Little Creek of the Lakota Tribe and is very attached to him, as was evident throughout the film.  She first meets Spirit when Spirit and Little Creek escape from being held captive at a U.S Cavalry settlement.  She shows little interest in Spirit at first but as Spirit shows his true personality and his feelings towards her, she comes to love him.  Spirit and Rain are separated when the U.S Cavalry attack the Lakota Tribe and Rain is injured by a gun shot wound to the shoulder.  Spirit lays with her all night until he is hauled away to become a draught horse by Cavalry Officers.  Little Creek sees Spirit being hauled away and realises the horse not only save Little Creek's life but Rain's also, so he sets out to find and save Spirit and ends up returning the favour.  The two then find their way home, narrowly escaping death when Cavalry Officers hunt them down.  Upon returning to the Lakota Tribe Spirit, believing Rain is dead, is ecstatic to find she is alive and well.  Little Creek realises Spirit would never and should never be broken and decides to let Spirit and Rain free.  Rain is reluctant at first but Little Creek insists, so she leaves with Spirit and returns to her mate's homeland to live out their days with his herd and his mother.  Rain eventually becomes Lead Mare of Spirit's herd, taking over the position from Spirit's mother, Esperanza.


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