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American Paint Horse


Lead Mare, formerly Little Creek's horse

First Appearance

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

Last Appearance

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron




Granddaughter of Raphael and Bonita, Daughter of Storm and Sierra



Voiced By




Rain is the deuteragonist  in the film, and Spirit's mate. She belongs to Little Creek at first but is released by him at the end of the film.


Rain is a beautiful pinto mare with a slender-built curvaceous body. Her coat is a reddish brown with white socks and stockings.  Her eyes are a very lovely shade of crystal blue and her mane and tail are creamy white. Her hooves are light brown. She also had an eagle feather in her mane until Little Creek removes it at the end of the movie as a result of letting her go.


Rain is a kind-hearted, lovable, yet very cautious mare who, despite her fun sense of humor, knows when to be serious. And is also a very dedicated and devoted to both Little Creek and Spirit.


In The FilmEdit



Rain was raised by Little Creek of the Lakota Tribe and is very attached and dedicated to him because of this, as is very evident throughout the entire film.  She first meets Spirit when he and Little Creek escape from being held captive at a U.S Cavalry settlement. The next day, in order for Little Creek to earn his trust, he ties them both together with rope and has Rain to show him a thing or two of how to behave, as well as their world.

As she and Spirit are alone together for the first time, Rain is completely mesmerized by how extremely handsome, attractive and muscular he is, and she is drooling over his extremely handsome face. Rain finds herself completely lost in Spirit's chocolate brown eyes. Rain smiles constantly as she knows Spirit is just as completely enraptured with her as she is with him. Rain sees how Spirit is drooling at her beautiful, voluptuous figure, her beautiful angelic face and her sparkling coral eyes. The two of them begin a blossoming romantic relationship and fall deeply in love. When Little Creek let's Spirit go the first time around, he wants Rain to come with him. At first she's absolutely scared of abandoning her home as well as Little Creek. Spirit and Rain are then separated when the U.S Cavalry attack the Lakota Tribe and Rain is severly wounded by a gun shot wound to the shoulder brought on by the colonel. Spirit lays with her all night to comfort her until he is hauled away to become a draught horse by Cavalry Officers.  Little Creek sees Spirit being hauled away and runs over to Rain to try and comfort her before she completely and inevitably passes out. He quickly puts together that Spirit not only saved his life but Rain's as well, so he sets out to find and save Spirit in returning the favor. The two then find their way home, narrowly escaping death when Cavalry Officers hunt them down.

Upon returning to the Lakota Tribe, Spirit, at first feeling saddened in believing Rain is truly dead, is ecstatic to find she is alive and well with Rain being ecstatic as well.  Little Creek realizes Spirit would and should never be without her and decides to let Spirit and Rain go.  Rain is very reluctant and sad to leave at first but Little Creek insists by saying, "You will always be in my heart." And so after Little Creek says his goodbye to Spirit, she leaves with Spirit and returns to his homeland to live out their days with his herd and his mother.  Rain, as a result of being mate of Spirit, eventually becomes Lead Mare of Spirit's Cimarron Herd. After becoming the leaders of the Cimarron herd, Rain and Spirit are officially a couple and are finally wedded. On their wedding night, they mate for the first time in their entire lives and give their virginity to one another. Spirit and Rain then spend the rest of their lives watching over their herd while loving one another and being completely loyal to each other. They then live together happily ever after.

Outside the Movie Edit

On 2002, Rain was the first animated mare to be registered at the American Paint Horse Association (APHA) as an official American Paint Horse. She was the first animated horse to be given an honorary certificate and, of course, registered in that association.


Honorary Certificate given to Rain.

The reasons why they decided to make Rain an honorary member is because of the protagonist and exposure this breed, the American Paint Horse, had in the movie. Not much is know about her past but many people on the internet have created their own ideas of her history in the form of fanfiction (non-canonical stories), drawings, and videos.

"Although she may only be an animated version of a horse, in her own way, Rain has exemplified the breed standards people have come to recognize in a Paint Horse," said American Paint Horse Association Executive Secretary, Jim Kelley.

There were two copies made. One copy of this certificate is displayed at Dream works Studios in California and the other is kept at the American Paint Horse Association Heritage Center in Forth Worth, Texas.  


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