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Spirit of the West: Sierra

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Mother of Rain, Daughter of Bonita and Raphael

Sierra is a mare from Sierra: Spirit of the Cimarron. She is the daughter of Bonita and Raphael, the mate of Storm, the mother of Rain, and the grandmother of Spirit Jr. (Spirit: Riding Free)


  • There is a character in the computer game Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron: Forever Free that is also named Sierra.

Personality: Sierra is known for being feisty and restless. She constantly feels the need to run, and sometimes go off on her own. She is hesitant of trying new things, and extremely cautious. But underneath all this, Sierra is a free-spirited, playful mare who loves those close to her very deeply, and would do anything for them.

Book: Sierra is in the book called Sierra, by Kathleen Duey. She is the daughter of Bonita and Raphael, and lives in the herd of Shadow until a stallion named Feugo takes over. To avoid the growing tension in the herd, Sierra takes long gallops on her own. She continues to do this until she runs into a wolf and gets lost from the herd. Storm, a pinto stallion owned by Native Americans, finds her, and she reluctantly follows him. Sierra is surprised that Storm doesn't know how to eat willow bark and find good grazing, so she teaches him. She is also suspicious of the scents of smoke and humans on him, but later calms down a bit when his war bridle is accidentally ripped off. Sierra gradually learns to trust Storm. He tolerates her suspicions and free-spirit, taking long gallops with her often. This causes Sierra to form a deep love for him. Storm and Sierra become more affectionate toward one another, often nuzzling and refusing to leave each other for even a minute. They are falling in love. Sierra later realizes that she carries Storm's foal. Storm leads her to his home, and the Native Americans try to tame her, but she is wary. A young Indian girl called Little Colt soon gains her trust, feeding her corn, braiding her mane, and letting her eat breakfast with Storm. Soon, Sierra realizes that she has found a sort of herd with Storm and the Indians. At the end of the book, she gives birth to Rain.

Appearance: Sierra is a rather stocky, bright sorrel mare with splashes of white all over body, and up her legs. She has a broad white blaze and a pink muzzle. Her neck is finely arched a bit, and her mane and tail are long and flowing, matching her coat. She has beads braided into her mane, and two squiggly lines of blue painted on her hip.