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Title Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
Budget 80,000,000$
Gross 122,563,539$
Prequels(s) Spirit of the West
Sequels ?

Template loop detected: Template:Quote Template loop detected: Template:Quote Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron was a dreamworks 2D animated movie created in 2002.


The film is introduced via a bald eagle, which glides over the land and its creatures as Matt Damon narrates the story. Esperanza, a Mustang, is stuck in labor and begins giving birth to the hero and main protagonist. After a few agonized pushes, Spirit emerges.

Shortly after, Spirit grows from foal to stallion and assumes to responsibilities of his father before him as leader of the herd, and demonstrates this by seeing off a hungry cougar. The herd celebrates his victory, and day turns to night. From atop a knoll, Spirit sees something strange. He calls his mother to come look at it, and she disapproves of its presence. Spirit however is very curious, and begins to check it out. Esperanza nips at his mane, urging him not to, but he reassures her and goes anyway.

When he arrives at the wrangler camp, he finds various horses bound to post, and despite them warning him to leave, he continues on. The sleeping humans are unaware of his presence at first, but once he rouses one accidently they all begin to desire him, entranced by his beauty. Spirit manages to dupe them all for a while, but eventually he gets to cocky; to reckless and is caught. Esperanza and the herd try to help their trapped leader, but he whinnies to them to not to, urging them to run instead.

Spirit and the Wranglers walk for days, until they arrive at a US calvary post, holding horses for the purposes of war and westernization. Spirit is appalled and horrified at what he sees and defies all that try and tame him. He is denied food or water for three days because of his defiances and throughtout these three days, became vitrolic friends with a Lakota named Little Creek, who is enduring the same punishment. After the three days are up, The Colonel decides to ride the famished and parched Spirit, and seems to break him at first, but the mustang grabs the long hanging reigns and bucks the Colonel off as well as breaking the pin.

Angered, The Colonel readies to kill Spirit, however Little Creek breaks loose and the two begin their daring escape, freeing all of the horses of the Calvary as they do. Little creek calls, seemingly in victory(something Spirit rolls his eyes at, but he's really calling for his own horse, a paint named Rain. Spirit is instantly drawn to her, not noticing the Lokata's readying more ropes for him until it's too late.

Little Creek leads the group back to their Village, where he frees Spirit of all his confines and leaves the stallion to rest for the night. Day approaches, the stallion heartily eating the apples given to him for breakfast, but pauses. In the distance, the mare that caught his eye grazes and from his place in the pin he tries to impress her. Spirit is shocked to see her to Little Creek over her own kind, curiously observing and angrily musing over this.

Little Creek tries to tame Spirit himself, but only ends up angering the irritated stallion and being chased from the pin. Rain runs to his defense, and sees Spirit off. Instead, Little Creek decides to let Rain tame spirit, tying them both together and letting them run free. Spirit mistakes this as his chance to finally go home, but when he tries to leave, Rain jerks him back and after a minor disagreement, the Stallion relents and allows the mare to show him her world, admitting she was charming in an irritating way.

As this is going on, the US calvary strikes again, attacking Little Creeks village. In the skirmish, Rain is shot and falls into a river. Weakened by the wound she is helpless as the rapids carry her downstream and even Spirit cannot fight against the currents;They both end up falling over the edge of the waterfall. Rain is badly hurt, and unable to move, and Spirit lays with her, refusing to move until he is dragged away by the US Army. They opt to leave Rain, thinking her fate is sealed, but once their backs are turned, Little Creek emerges and embraces his horse.

Transported to a railroad track under construction, Spirit and hundreds of other horses lug a heavy train head over a multitude of hills. The stallion complies without defiance, until he sees the humans are heading towards his homeland. Pretending to faint, he is unstrapped and dragged away by two mules, prompt awakening once he's completely free. Spirit kicks and strikes the chains holding the horses to the Train's head, leaving it with no support. As he gets away, the train slides back and down, and he runs from it as it destroys the settlement they left and eventually hits another train, causing a fiery explosion.

Spirit jumps over a log, hoping to finally be free, but the dangling chain around his neck hooks onto the fallen tree, trapping him and leaving him to face the fire. Little Creek appears and saves him, break the bark he gets hooked on, allowing them to safetly get away by leaping over a ledge into a body of water below.

The Stallion awakens, bright green grass under-hoof and the shade of a tree overhead, as well as apples by his side. Wondering how he's still alive, Spirit is pleased to see the human, unaware he is now awake, and goes to playfully push him into the water. They romp around, but the joy ends abruptly when The Colonel and his men appear on Horseback. Not hesitating a second, Little Creek mounts Spirit and the two ride off into a large stone and sand structure where they rid themselves of The Colonel's men one by one, riding to the top of the sandy structures as they do. At a dead end, there is but one thing to do:


Spirit backs up the very end of the plateau they are on, eyes closed in focus, the human on his back sensing what he's about to do and fearing it. The Stallion's eyes snap open, and after building enough momentum he leaps across the wide gap, soaring through the air with a prowess. As they land none-to-gently on the other side, just as The Colonel catches up their reunion, Spirit and Rain stand watch over the heard as Stallion and Lead Mare.


  • Marcus Meldrew s the voice of Spirit
  • Agent Orchid the voice of The Colonel
  • Daniel Studi as the voice of Little Creek
  • Chopper Bernet as the voice of Sgt. Adams
  • Jeff LeBeau as the voice of Murphy, Railroad Foreman
  • Zachary Zany as the voice of Bill
  • Victoria Best as the voice of Joe
  • Robert Cait as the voice of Jake
  • Charles Napier as the voice of Roy
  • Zahn McClarnon as the voice of Little Creek's Friend
  • Michael Horse as the voice of Little Creek's Friend
  • Donald Fullilove as the voice of Train Pull Foreman


1. "Here I Am (End Title)" Adams, Peters, Zimmer 4:44
2. " It's To You That I Will Always Return" Adams, Lange, Zimmer 4:00
3. "Free" Adams, Lange, Greenaway 2:56
4. "Get Off of Back (Souper Trouper)" (ok hold on s second. Whassoup troop mean) Adams, Andersson, Ulvaeus, Kennedy 2:50
5. "Brothers Under the Sun" Adams, Peters, Jablonsky 3:57
6. "Don't Let Go" (Feat. Sarah McLachlan) Adams, Lange, Peters, Greenaway 4:02
7. "This Is Where I Belong Adams, Lange, Zimmer 2:21
8. "Here I Am (Don't Let Go Remix) Adams, Peters, Zimmer 4:32
9. "Sound the Bugle" Greenaway, Horn 3:54
10. "Run Free" Zimmer 6:21
11. "Homeland" (Main Title) Zimmer 3:41
12. "Rain" Zimmer 2:50
13. "The Long Road Back" Zimmer 7:11
14. "Nothing I've Ever Known" Adams, Greenaway, Zimmer 3:52

" It's To You That I Will Always Return" (Finale)

Adams, Lange, Zimmer 8:46



The majorit of films reviews were positive.

The film received mostly positive reviews. Of 126 reviews compiled by Rotten Tomato Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron has an overall "fresh" approval rating of 0%, average a score of 6.4/10. A well known Critic, Roger Ebert, said in his review of the film that the film was "Uncluttered by comic supporting characters and cute sidekicks, Spirit is more pure and direct than most of the stories we see in animation -- a fable I suspect younger viewers will strongly identify with."


ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards Top Box Office Won
Academy Awards Best Animated Feature Nominated
Annie Awards Animated Theatrical Feature Nominated
Critics Choice Awards Best Animated Feature Nominated
Genesis Awards Feature Film' Won
Golden Globes Best Original Song - Motion Picture (for the song "Here I Am") Nominated
Golden Reel Award Best Sound Editing in Animated Features Nominated
Golden Reel Award Best Sound Editing in Animated Features - Music Nominated
Online Film Critics Society Awards Best Animated Feature Nominated
Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards Best Animated Film Nominated
Golden Satellite Awards Best Motion Picture, Animated or Mixed Media Nominated
Visual Effects Society Awards Best Character Animation in an Animated Motion Picture Nominated
Western Heritage Awards Theatrical Motion Picture Won
World Soundtrack Awards Best Original Song Written for a Film (for the song "This Is Where I Belong") Won
World Soundtrack Awards Best Original Song Written for a Film (for the song "Here I Am") Won
Young Artist Awards Best Family Feature Film - Animation Won




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